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Graduate & Student Placement

Applicable to students seeking part time and ad hoc placement, e.g. handing out flyers, student assistantship, stocktaking, compiling of databases or any other small jobs.

Both the Graduate & Student Placement and the Co-operative Education units keep databases of students who seek ad hoc employment.

Please take note that your form will be kept on file to be available for any requests for placements (on campus and off campus). This department does not go out and look for adhoc work for you. Please watch your emails and the notice boards at the Graduate and Student placement Offices for student assistant positions which will all be advertised and you will have to apply for each one. These posts are usually advertised at the end of the year.

You may e-mail completed AdHoc forms to gradplace@mandela.ac.za

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AdHoc Forms AdHoc Forms (13.3 kB)