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Graduate & Student Placement

Graduate Recruitment Programme:

  • Presentations: 1March - 18 May 2017 (Early Awareness)
  • Interviews: 24 July – 14 September 2017

Venues:(depending on availability)

  • Council Chamber – South Campus
  • SRC Chamber – South Campus
  • Senate Hall – North Campus


Careers Fair:

  • Dates: Wednesday, 26 July and Thursday, 27 July 2017
  • Venue: Heinz Betz Hall, North Campus

Accounting & Law Day:

Our 9th annual Accounting & Law Day is scheduled to take place on Thursday 3 August in Building 35, South Campus. This exhibition allows firms the opportunity to spend a day recruiting students in close proximity to where they attend lectures. Firms can choose to either exhibit at this event and/or the main Careers Fair.

2017 Fees:

  • Computing Sciences and IT Fair: R4000 ex VAT
  • Careers Fair: R7000 ex VAT
  • Accounting & Law Day: R4000 ex VAT (Kindly note that this exhibition is separate from the main Careers Fair and is hosted due to the increase in the number of requests for such an exhibition)
  • Graduate Recruitment Programme: R2000 ex VAT 

NB! NB! NB! Information of companies that book on or before 28 April 2017 will be included in the GRP booklet.

Cancellations: No cancellations will be accepted after 28 April 2017, therefore companies will be liable for all payable fees should they not attend their booked slots.

A 20% cancellation fee in line with the amount owed will be charged on all cancellations processed on or before 28 April 2017.

Tax implications: NB – All fees exclude VAT

Registration forms:

Kindly take extra care in filling your registration form and take note of all penalties that would result from your entering into Graduate Recruitment service agreements with Nelson Mandela University. Please note that you will be liable for all

payable fees in full where you have booked a session, but do not attend. Take extra note of the cut off date for bookings and cancellation instructions.